Altamont Lodge was built with the vision of being an ‘exceptional quality, low cost, family orientated holiday home’ at Lake Wanaka for shareholders. Altamont welcomes visitors who are both shareholders or travellers visiting Wanaka.


Investing as a shareholder gives you the opportunity of having your own high quality accommodation in Lake Wanaka at a very budget friendly price. It also allows you to invest in a share of a property and business in Wanaka that has a solid financial track record and is arguably currently under-priced due to being a ‘hidden gem’.

The Company has 65 shares with around 55 shareholders at any one time. Five elected directors provide governance and overall business management while the day-to-day management of the Lodge is carried out by a live in manager under contract to the Company.

To meet the companies vision, vacant rooms are let to the public. Guest fees have covered all costs of maintaining the Lodge to a very high standard with no annual fees to shareholders for the last twenty five years.

​Owning a share allows you to have a room at Altamont Lodge, Lake Wanaka for 28 nights per year (14 winter nights and 14 summer nights). The cost for shareholders is just $35 per night.

Shares for Sale

There are no shares for sale at the moment.  Shares do become available from time to time so, if you are interested in becoming a shareholder, please contact Adrian Rhodes


Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing a share please contact Chairman Adrian Rhodes or Company Secretary Peter Spiers​

Dr Adrian Rhodes


Phone: 09 536 7366 or 027 536 7366​

Peter Spiers